Saahira Ruhi

Saahira Ruhi
by Lee Corkett

Monday, February 24, 2014

Dancing thru the Dark Times

So many things have passed since the last time I beginnings: of my studio, BodyTempleRiverside and my heart-centered service project, FibroFlow®...the end of my 20 year career in mental health and of my 9 year marriage...and physical challenges due to my chronic illness and recent car accident. Love, anger, beauty, joy, resentment, fear...sometimes all at once.

But thru it all, the one thing that has kept me grounded, embodied and dance.

The figure eights that constantly remind me that life is full of infinite possibilities. The circles that show me that in every perceived ending is a new beginning. The shimmies that shake loose the emotions that cling and try to become embedded in my being. And my center that can drop so low that it roots deep within the Earth and can rise so high that it bridges me to the heavens. Even the glitter reminds me of the light that always shines within me...reflecting that light and radiating it out into the world.

Music is my super highway, my body is my vehicle, passion is what drives me and the Arms of the Beloved keep pulling me forward into the Light.

I'll be back writing again soon...
Until then...

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